About Us

Choobs_About Us

That's exactly who we are!

To us, jewelry buying, (making!) and accessorizing should be a fun and thoroughly satisfying experience for everyone!

Who's to say what's in and what's not except you because you know best what you're comfortable in and what suits you best :) At Choobs, you have the liberty of customizing, playing with colours or simply choosing off the ready-made lines to brighten up your day!

Here's a little of what goes into our lines:

There's nothing more thrilling than having many funky designs and fun colours to light you up!
Chica is a light-weight colourful collection you should add to your wardrobe :)

Inspired by a more heavy setting, mamasita is made with chunkier and more daring beads and baubles for those who really want to "bring it".

For those of us who like the glitter and glam in just the right amount, sophistica lends you the intricacy and the dainty touch, for that simple kind of elegance.

These are made especially for you, something somewhere for everyone.
So enjoy!

Choobs XOXO