I Hearts...

We wanted to try out something new with our photography skills. For the lack of an SLR (which we plan to invest in soon!), we figured to experiment with...mirrors!

Here's the result...drop us a comment if you like it! And of course, if you love the subject matter of the photos too :)

See our little compact camera in action in the background :)

Flaming & Cool Hearts
RM22 each

Measures 5cm & 6cm in length respectively
- Made from vintage silver heart findings, red & green swarosvki crystal mix, deep green heart-shaped glass bead, silver earring findings -

I heart!

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Oriental Charm

It means exactly what it's named...here's another one of mum's chunky monkey concoctions.

A soothing mix of the orient and the charm of the four-leaf clover, famous for being a bringer of good luck :)

According to legend and lore, each leaflet represents something: the first is for fame, the second is for wealth, the third is for love, and the fourth is for health.

Oriental Charm

Measures 17.5cm in length
- Made from ceramic oriental beads, pink, light & dark green glass beads, silver four-leaf clover & tulip charms, silver bead tips & connectors, silver apple-shaped toggle -


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Sea Frolic

Return of the chunky monkeys!

Mum is really the all-time champion of making chunky bracelets in this household, hands down! This combo really did do it for me, with its electric blue bead galore coupled with a seafest of oceanic charms.... :)

A must if you're a lover of the ocean...it reminds me of the unlimited mysteries out on the vast blue sea. It houses over 1 million living creatures...and no one can quite fathom how many more are left undiscovered...amazing.

I'm sure if the scientists did find them, it would make this bracelet a whole lot chunkier :)

Sea Frolic (Sold out!)
Remake with different beads possible.

Measures 17.5cm in length
- Made from Australian electric blue czech glass beads, silver oceanic charms, silver chain & toggle -


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If you're a biker chick, you'll love how the chunky links encircle your wrist. It's metal terminator style! :)

Metalinks (Sold! Remakes possible)
RM 23

Measures 18.5 cm in length
- Made from metal connectors & charms, silver lobster clasp -

And in the famous words of the terminator, "I'll be back!"

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Adding a little silver charm to your life!

The disquettes look like they belong to someone from Agra on the banks of the Yamuna river or a Grecian princess on her day out.

The earrings are very light-weight and feel like feathers on your ears....

RM 12

Measures 4.5 cm in length
- Made from silver disc charms & earring fittings -


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Blue Razz

After quite a short little hiatus, we're back again with more beautifully and lovingly handcrafted trinkets for your pleasure... :)

This goes into my personal book of favourites...

It looks like a day out watching the clouds again, with a couple of daisies blowing in the wind. The soft breeze that carries with it little blue butterflies that flit in and between the flowers....

Blue Razz (Sold Out!)
RM 38

Measures 17.5 cm in length
- Made from intricate silver connectors, blue swarovski crystal butterfiles, deep aqua hexagonal swarosvki crystals imported from the US, silver toggle -

There are only two razz's available, so if you're thinking of cloud-watching any time soon, don't leave home without it!

Enjoy... :)

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