Here's a new addition to the Sophistica family :)

I named this baby after the movie that inspired this creation. I remember watching Jewel of the Nile (JotN) a long time ago, just about the same time classics like it's prequel Romancing the Stone, Indiana Jones, King Solomon's Mines & Crocodile Dundee (yes you heard me right!) appeared as well.

These movies were the prelude to all other romantic adventure movies we've seen recently (like The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc). Fun!

There was a particular scene in JotN where Michael Douglas, having place a large precious stone down his pants, had to shake it out through one of his pant legs. After some avid shaking, the stone falls out with a resounding "plop" as if to say "TADA!"...and they all just stand around to stare...

Jewels of the Nile
RM 80 per set

Measures 56 cm
- Rondelle-shaped translucent glass crystals, silver seed beads & fittings, intricate clasp -

These little jewel babies really sparkle in the sun :) Enjoy!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Oh what a busy couple of days we've had! :)

But such bliss as we spent the new year celebrations with our extended family back in the little town due east.

This is one of my more personal posts but I find it timely as I've had many queries as to who the "we's and ours" I'm always talking about!

Most of you would know by now that our little e-trinket store was set-up out of a love for all trinkets & fascination with baubles. And it has expanded (thank God!) that it's become a little project for the girls - yes, the girls - me, my mum and my sister.

So between the three of us, we handle everything which is super-fun because it allows lots of girl-bonding time and it gives us a free hand at creativity!

Without further ado, here's introducing....

My sis (Hwee Mei), my mum (Jean) & me (Hwee Yen)!

Here are the elves at work during CNY, we thought to catch up on some new creations but orders just kept pouring's a big shout out to our aunts, cousins, their relatives and friends - THANK YOU so much for buying Choobs!

These were some trinkets we created for them....

The best part of it all - which I think attracted them in the first place - is that they got to customize their own trinkets (I brought my entire shop back!). So each trinket is unique because it has their own personal touch.

Thank you again everyone!

And to all of you, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

May you see goodness, fruitfulness and blessing this year like never before :)

Best wishes,
Hwee Mei, Jean & Hwee Yen @ Choobs

Cherish the Love

I'm on one of my love sprees again....

Some things are just worth the time and effort, to nurture, cultivate and appreciate :)

A peak of it at night under the white light...

And the deep set of purples in the sun....

Cherish the Love (Sold out!)
RM 25

Measures 17 cm
- Bronze charm bracelet, heart charms & clasp from HK, light & dark purple swarosvki crystals, round light purple glass bead from US, flat purple czech glass bead from Aust. -


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Blossoms Sweet Blossoms!

I just couldn't resist! :)

In the spirit of the upcoming Chinese New Year, I thought to myself, that if I could depict CNY with something, it would definitely be blossoms! Just because they're so dainty yet rich in colour. So here are some oriental lovelies for your ears....

Cheery Blossoms
RM 12

Measures 3.5 cm
- Bronze earring hooks & headpins, pink oriental donut beads from HK -

A Drop of Blossoms
RM 12

Measures 5 cm
- Bronze earring hooks & headpins, black oriental tear drop beads from HK, black ornate rondelles with gold seed beads -

Square it out Blossoms
RM 12

Measures 4 cm
- Bronze earring hooks & headpins, black oriental square beads from HK with gold seed beads -

Get these lovelies for CNY just around the corner :)

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Out on the Deep Blue Sea

I love all things aqua and this one particularly. It was inspired when I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean (yes, the marathon on Astro!).

I thought of Elizabeth out there on the deep blue sea and what she would do to keep the memories of her voyages and then I thought of this....

Out on the Deep Blue Sea
RM 28 (Reserved)

- Czech pressed glass turqoise beads (oval), 6mm aquamarine glass beads (round), silver ship theme charms from HK, silver charm bracelet and clasp -

We only have one of these available, so let me know if you'd like to own Elizabeth's treasure from the high seas!

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