A little twist to the norm...ruby red on bronze. Reminds me of something red-indianish...gorgeous!

Chardonnay (Sold!)

Measures 16.5cm in length
-Made from deep red czech glass beads in oval, twisted cylinder & spheres, bronze chain, toggle and leaf charms , czech glass leaves in red and white. All items from Australia -

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Red Swirl & Fantasy

And we're still seeing red!

It was a sunny day and we couldn't help how the sun brought out the beautiful colours of these deep red glass beads.

If you like something simple that makes a statement, these lovelies are just for you.

Red Swirl

Red Fantasy

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Happy Deepavali!

to our dearest friends..

True Red and Eternity

In celebration of the deep colours of love, we're transitioning from pastels and lights to bold colours of reds and turquoise.

So feast your eyes :)


True Red

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It's been a season for weddings. And what a beautiful season it is.

Each time we rise to welcome the bride, I wait for just that one moment when the man sees his wife-to-be for the first time as they open the church doors. The exact time he (probably) thinks to himself, "Wow....this is it" and smiles that gorgeous smile of knowing that his life is just about to get that much greater.

....I hope to see that smile for me one day. It'll be perfect.

And while I can't take all the credit for looking at weddings from this poignant perspective (cue 27 dresses), I can perhaps say that I interpret that look of love to be one that is passionate, deep yet vibrant - a love that goes beyond the look in her eyes, and is bold enough to weather whatever storm and rejoice in whatever joy comes its way.

Bold, steady, unchanging, unconditional love, designed in the image of God's love for us.