Sea Frolic

Return of the chunky monkeys!

Mum is really the all-time champion of making chunky bracelets in this household, hands down! This combo really did do it for me, with its electric blue bead galore coupled with a seafest of oceanic charms.... :)

A must if you're a lover of the reminds me of the unlimited mysteries out on the vast blue sea. It houses over 1 million living creatures...and no one can quite fathom how many more are left undiscovered...amazing.

I'm sure if the scientists did find them, it would make this bracelet a whole lot chunkier :)

Sea Frolic (Sold out!)
Remake with different beads possible.

Measures 17.5cm in length
- Made from Australian electric blue czech glass beads, silver oceanic charms, silver chain & toggle -


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