Flutter All The Way Home

It's the season for green - feels like summer is here because of the hot hot hot heat.

But even in the heat, one can never get enough of beautiful butterflies....this one looks like trying to make it to the big green crystal bud for some nectar :)

Flutter All The Way Home (Sold Out)
RM 28

Measures 18.cm in length
- Made from bronze findings, avocado green swarovski crystals, avocado green hectagonal bead imported from the US, bronze butterfly charm from HK, rustic gold seed beads -

I got this pretty avocado green bead during my trip to Seattle last year - have not had the heart to use it because we only have a few - so precious!

Here's a close-up of the bronze butterfly we picked up when roaming HK.

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Summer Breeze

Another one of mum's simply but lovely creations.

It gets its name because it reminds us of one of those days where you have nothing much to do and have the luxury of sitting by the open window, watching the leaves sway with the breeze.

I love it! :)

Summer Breeze
RM 15

Measures 6.5 cm in length
- Made from autumn-themed swarovski crystals, glass pearls, leaf charms from HK -


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Blue Intoxication

It's pretty and it's blue!

Here's something mom put her creative hands to and they look like pretty chandeliers dangling from your ears :)


Blue Intoxication (Sold out!)
RM 27

Measures 5-6cm in length
- Made from an assortment of blue swarovski crystals and silver earrings parts from HK -

Only two pairs available so get them quick!

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Thank You!

Hi Guys,

Phew! It's been a rather long week as I've just spent six days out-of-comission due to bad bout of the cough and the flu.

But nevertheless! I'm happy to say that I'm up and about, on my feet and ready to rumble! :)
So for those of you who are still awaiting your little trinkets, please be assured that it's now in the making and will be on its way to you soon.

I've updated all of you via email, so please, if I have yet to reply you, please ping me alright?

Thank you so very much for your patience and kind understanding throughout this time, it is really really very much appreciated!

Love lots,
Hwee Yen @ Choobs