Copper Dazzle

A throwback to the days of Cleopatra, the days of indulging in riches and treasures galore.
Lavish costumes, elaborate accessories - she definitely stood out if not for her power then for her fabled beauty.

The rays of light dance around with the bronze speckles in the beads, creating a dazzle unlike any other.

Copper Dazzle
RM 27

Measures 17.5 cm
-Made from a variety of lampwork beads, glass beads and copper-themed findings-

Like a true treasure, there is only one of its kind so be sure to hurry!

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Purple Frolic

There's lots to love about spring. The gloom is lifted, everything seems fresher, the trees start taking on more character, days start getting longer and it becomes warm enough to stop having to look like a human snowball everytime you go out. But the best part of spring? The fact that it's warm enough for picnics and yes, you guessed it - frolicking about at the park.

The pink and purple beads mingle almost playfully with the flowers. I love how it reminds me so much of the blooming flowers and that carefree-ness of spring.

It's quite like a blooming garden, isn't it?

Purple Frolic
RM 25

Measures 17cm
-Made out of flower shaped, purple, clear and pink beads-

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Loving Hearts

It might be the sound of laughter from the playground in the evenings or the sight of a musician lost in his music or stories about doctors who have traveled thousands of miles to offer humanitarian aid - sometimes we need a little reminder of the passion, vivacity and strength of the human spirit.

Juxtaposed against the vibrant red, the intricate hearts lend a little tenderness to it all. It's like the love for life - fiery, enduring and gentle, all at once.

Loving Hearts
RM 27

Measures 17cm in length
-Made from heart charms and red glass Czech beads-

lasp design may vary depending on availability)

Only two available - don't miss out!

Celebrate the human spirit!

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Blue Tranquility

Blue. For me, it brings up memories of lazing about on a hammock by the crystal clear waters of Tioman, watching the clouds roll by against the prettiest of backdrops.

We've tried to capture a bit of that calm, tranquil feeling of an island holiday, a celebration of nature's beauty in all its powerful simplicity.

Blue Tranquility
Earrings RM 10
Necklace RM 25
Whole set RM 33

Necklace measures 36 cm in length
-Made from blue and clear crystal donut beads-

Blue. What memories does it conjure up for you?

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A fairy godmother, a pumpkin carriage and a glass slipper that reunites the prince with his one true love - few love stories are as memorable as that of Cinderella and her Prince Charming. It was one of my favourite fairy tales growing up and here at Choobs, we decided to pay tribute to the well-loved story of hope and love.

With a twist, of course.

Shoes for the modern fashionista - I love how there's one for every occasion!

Sold in exchange for prince.
Kidding! ;p
We'll let you have this gem of a bracelet for RM 30 (Sold Out!)

Measures 17.5 cm in length

-Made from shoe-themed charms, rose quartz beads, dark rose coral beads and rose crystal donut beads-

For the cinderella in all of us!

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Antique Fantasy

I love taking photos.

I love the yellow hues of the sunlight and that's why, I always turn off the flash. Everyone knows how important it is to have good light but this...

This was a gift on an early morning driving to work....

Hope you'll enjoy it and love the colour changes as much as we do.... :)

Here's the Fantasy in natural light....

And here's how it catches the beautiful sunlight and gives out the same...

Antique Fantasy
Bracelet RM28 Earrings RM12

Measures 17.5cm in length
- Made from imported & local bronze findings & connectors, glass citrine donut beads and citrine crystal swarovski bicones -

Love the light!

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