Sweet Mix

Something girly and simple to feast your eyes on. Sweet Mix - a combination of girly and chic.

Sweet Mix (Sold!)

~Made from silver flower charm, silver daisy charm, pink large faux pearl, pink octagonal crystal, silver butterfly charm, white faux pearl, diamante rondelle silver ball charm, silver findings and lobster clasp~

Necklace measures 30cm in length

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Lovestruck Valentine

Love knows no season, it can happen anytime of the year, just in a heartbeat. Lovestruck that's what it is :) The green hearts represent love in its everlasting form - evergreen :) Enjoy...

Lovestruck Valentine

~Bracelet measures 17.5cm in length~
~Made from silver heart charms, silver hear charms with intricate designs, translucent heart beads, green heart beads, silver findings and toggle~
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Spring Enchantment

It's Spring in the Southern hemisphere, in places such as Australia and New Zealand. Spring is the time where the flowers bloom in full splendour. Mom took the cue from the burst of colours and thus, Spring Enchantment was created. Made from colourful leaves coupled with round colourful crystal beads and topped off with butterfly charms. This bracelet definitely gives a feel of spring in the air!

Spring Enchantment (Sold!)

~Bracelet measures 17.5cm in length~
~Made from colourful leaves, round translucent, blue, aquamarine, yellow and pink round crystals, small round red beads, silver butterfly charms, silver findings and toggle~

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Rosebud and Ocean Mystique

We're back and totally refreshed from our little holiday about a week plus ago. We bought many pretty beads from Australia and will be featuring them soon. Here's something to feast your eyes upon. Rosebud and Ocean Mystique, two lovely pair of earrings featuring silver beads with intricate designs on them. Enjoy :)


~Made from pink octagonal crystal beads, silver beads with intricate design and silver findings~

Ocean Mystique
~Made from blue round beads, silver beads with intricate designs and silver findings~
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Happy Raya & H-O-L-I-D-A-Y!

To our beloved friends,

For those of you who are celebrating this season, Choobs wishes you a BIG HARI RAYA bash! Enjoy the cookies, ketupats and kenduris, but make sure you guys travel safe alright!

As for us, we're also tripping this Raya Holidays! We're off to Perth for a few days for a wedding and a quick holiday - fingers-crossed we'll return with a treasure trove of beautiful beads for you!

We're off tonight and will only be back next week so please do expect a delay in email response alright? We'll get to them by the week of Sept 20, 2010.

Till then, Happy Hari Raya and see you soon!


Chiclets anyone?

Chiclets anyone? :) This post features cute Millefiori beads paired with Swarovski bicones to make fun earrings to wear. Something fun, something quirky and something lighthearted - just right for the weekend or for a quick trip away. All Chiclet earrings are RM10 per pair (no longer!).
Update: These are now RM5 per pair!

Sweet Brellow Candy

Sweet Blue Candy

Sweet Blue Candy 3

Sweet Rainbow Candy

Sweet Butter Candy 1

Sweet Sunshine Candy

Sweet Blue Candy 1

Sweet Butter Candy 2

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One for book lovers

A change every once in a while is like a breath of fresh air, thus the reason for this post. We're featuring bookmarks for a change, just for the book lovers out there! :) I am definitely one bookworm who loves bookmarks, especially those that brighten up my book too!

Yin-Yang Medley

Midnight Charm

Vibrant and Alive

Butterfly Escapade

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