We're One!

Yes, you heard us right! We just turned one!
...and it was one of the best celebrations ever :)

Before we embark on this seemingly long post, I'd like to thank EVERYONE! yes, YOU! for patroning us in this one year. It doesn't matter whether its only been once or many times, thank you from the bottom most of our hearts because you've helped us get where we are today.

I'm thankful, grateful and proud to say that we're doing well and it's time to think and plan for the future! So thank you thank you thank you! *muacks*

To make this successful first year of business that little extra special, we decided to throw a ourselves a little birthday "Tea Party"!

We would've loved to have invited all of you but because it was held at my sisters' private house of residence and to respect her privacy, we only extended invites to personal friends and family. The result - a great time of chatting, eating, trinket showcasing and great promotions for all our buyers :)

For those of you whom we didn't manage to invite, we haven't forgotten you! So don't worry because we're also extending our first-year-birthday promotions to you - so do look out for the promo in our next post alright? *Not forgetting our Christmas range!* :)

Aight, here are some pics to feast your eyes on...starting with our pretty little invite!

And that was it!

Once again, thank you so very very very very much....we hope you'll continue to speak to us, patron us, tell us what you like and we hope to continue offering our best creative juices and trinkets to you!

Love lots,
Hwee Mei, Aunty Jean & Hwee Yen

We love throwing tea parties, so if you're ever in need of a side-party activity, do pop us an email or give us a call alright? We'd love to be there to teach jewelry-making, showcase our trinkets or even just customize gifts for your guests on the spot!