Something simple to go with your favourite white blouse :)

Leaflace (Hot hit sold out!)

Measures 20cm in length
- Made from bronze leaf charms, amber indian glass bead, round flat resin amber bead, bronze chain and findings -

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Leafy Blue & A spring wedding!

Teal. Aqua. And all the shades in between - my favourite!

Was just thinking not too long ago about theme colours for my spring wedding and decided of course of my favourites (yay!) with a tinge of gold :)

And just because....here's a bracelet with beads from Perth in what has to be one of the most beautiful colours ever!

Leafy Blue
(Sold Out! Remakes possible in Orange)

Measures 17.5cm in length
- Made from teal round and flat glass beads, round aqua indian glass beads, round teal resin beads, silver leaf charms, silver toggle and findings, all from Australia -

And just to get into the mood of the wedding season, I went out to buy some wrapping tissues to play with and voila! Love the colour combo and I think I'm going with it!

More updates soon :)

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The Special Birthday Gift

Mum is really a beader at heart, at hand and in her soul :)

And it's really showing in the latest pieces of her jewelry, how much of herself and her continusouly fine-tuned skill she pours into her craft.

My aunt recently received this lovely piece off-white pearl piece for her birthday. Isn't it gorgeous?

If you ever want some classes or just a keen eye :) You know where to plonk your emails - we'll send mum your way! hehehe....

Billie Jean

This is especially for those who love contrasts, a lovely combo of pearls and black onyx to give you that classy but contemporary touch.

Reminds me of something perhaps Audrey Hepburn or someone from the Jane Austen era would wear :)

Billie Jean (Sold!)

Measures 17.5cm in length
- Made from fresh water pearls, black onyx round beads, silver flower toggle -

Trying out a new font for the photos too - it's something very stylo called the [ank]* - no kidding :) A bit different from the curlish twirl of our previous - whaddya think? :)

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The Bead Post...Literally!

Like literally a post about traipsing around Perth looking for beads!

Okay, maybe not so much traipsing because we did our research before heading to Perth, and ended up with two places in mind - Benjamin's Crafts & The Bead Post.

Our first stop was Benjamin's Crafts, we were really excited about this because the website showed such promise of millions and millions in bead collections.
We went there the day we touched down in Perth and even waited outside for it to open! :)

But what showed such promise also would've taken a lot out of our pocket. Most of their items you could pretty much find in a lot of beading places elsewhere but they were made of very good quality, hence the hefty prices - in any case, we decided to get some items we needed, and headed out the door.

Benjamin's Crafts

Our next outing a couple of days later was a gem of a find! We arrived early (again) and had to get some coffee around the corner from The Bead Post, which turned out to be pretty yummylicious! I had a Mocha made from Belgian chocolate - nothing but ooh-la-la!

Just around the right time, when the chocolate's all seeped into our system, we got off our butts and headed into the shop...and I'll let the pics take you on the rest of the tour now :)

Beads and beads galore!

My sis & Amy, the store keeper

Counting & packing up our huge-mon-gous order

The ones they were done with.....

.....the ones still waiting to be packed!

I love all the bright colours of the candy-looking-resin beads, well folks, that's what you have to look forward to in our next batch of Choobs Trinkets coming up!

Savour the delicious colours now and we hope, one day, it'll end up on some part of your body :) And if you're ever in Perth, and want to go bead shopping - head down to The Bead Shop in Fremantle - you'll not just love the shop, you'll love the markets, the quaint boutiques and eating fish & chips by the jetty :) That's what made this bead trip so fun!

So keep a lookout and our up and comings :) In the meantime, we'll put up more stuff from our existing line. Here's to bead-trippin'!