We are BACK!

Yes we are!

Finally after a long, eventful sabbatical (with one sister married off, one baby born and another to come, one mom almost now four-times a grandmother, and other exciting family stuff!), we are ready to invest our time again in our handcrafting passion!

Choobs is now back with a refreshed look, much cleaner with a tinge of vintage in our photos (gotta love 'em filters!) - and available on more social media platforms so you can get your updates in real time - which means, getting your trinkets faster too :)

So hop on over to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or subscribe to get email updates from us now!

We'd love to re-connect with our friends and customers from those years ago, and are equally excited to meet new ones too :)

We promise you the same love, passion and creativity (if not more) put into our handmade goodies, to bring you much joy in your accessorizing. We hope you'll love them (and continue to) as much as we do!

To commemorate this fun kick-start to Choobs, here's a special giveaway we're hosting from now until Feb 2014 for you and your friends to accessorise this Chinese New Year and Valentines!

Once again, welcome back and let the accessorising begin!

Love much,
Mei, Mama Jean & Yen :)